Photography Workshops

Warren has over 30 years of experience in the photographic Industry, from human rights issues to natural disasters, conflict, long-term documentaries to street and urban photography. Warren strongly believes in inspiring others and helping them overcome the fears in how to photograph is unique as he will guide you in achieving the best you can possibly be while you are exploring the magnificent historical city of Budapest.

3-day course

An intensive, practice-oriented 3-day workshop starting from 9am until 4pm within photojournalism  in the scenic streets of Budapest. Participants will work on their pre-planned assignments through which they will be mentored by Warren.

Next to technical knowledge, you will learn an understanding about yourself and where you are as a photographer/photojournalist helping seeing life differently through the camera and without, how to see life emerge as one within seeing pictures come to life by becoming a true storyteller.

Day and night course

This course starts at 10am until 1pm where we will move around some of the tutor's favourite areas and wonderful street scenes where Participants can be shown some tricks of the trade when it comes to street photography. Then as the sun starts to set, participants will reconvene at 5.00pm until 8.00pm where we will capture night sense by using different methods with the camera. This course will require a tripod in the evening.

1-day intense course

This one-day course is for Participants to get experience and inspiration in how to go about engaging in their own projects by being given an assignment that can be continued well after this course has ended. This course will help encourage thought and enthusiasm on how to see life unfold and how to go about capturing a fleeting moment. The course starts from 10am until 4pm.

Photographers' favourite course 

Starts early morning whilst the city still sleeps. In all seasons of the year Budapest is a symphony of beauty, simple moments that speak volume that are tucked away hidden standing the rest of the time. This photographic session is for you to be inspired and for you to discover the self. The course starts at 5 am at Blaha Lujza Square and finishes at 8 am at Batthyany Square. 

It’s a three-hour walk, bus or tram journey that you will need a travel pass or travel tickets, this will make travel easier. Other requirements: camera with full battery power, spare battery, spare memory cards, water, food if you get hungry, a note pad and a pen, a light weather raincoat just in case.

Course Information

Participants will be expected to arrive comfortable with their equipment. Ideally your camera has the option to be set to manual mode. Due to the limited amount of time, it is recommended that you use a digital camera. Using your own laptop/tablet to edit your pictures is also required for the 3-day course. The maximum number of participants in the courses are six, so you will get tangible, very personal mentoring.


Tuition fee starts at €150 for the 3-hour early morning course (Photographer's favourite course). The 1-day intense course and the Day and night course cost €300 while the 3-day course cost €800 (These prices do not include travel, accommodations or on the ground expenses). Student discounts are available to student card holders.

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