Photography Workshops

An intensive, practice-oriented 3-day workshop and  in the scenic streets of the Canterbury area. Participants will work on their pre-planned assignments through which they will be mentored by Warren.

Next to technical knowledge, you will learn an understanding about yourself and where you are as a photographer, helping seeing life differently through the camera and without, how to see life emerge as one within seeing pictures come to life.

Course Information

Participants will be expected to arrive comfortable with their equipment. Ideally your camera has the option to set it to manual mode. Due to the limited amount of time, it is recommended that you use a digital camera. Using your own laptop to edit your pictures is also required. The maximum number of participants in this course is six, so you will get tangible, very personal mentoring.


Tuition fee is €594 (does not include travel, accommodations or on the ground expenses).

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